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    Jingjiang community adhesive co., LTD. Is located in jingjiang town of large HuiFeng southwest first,Existing engineers3Name,Senior engineer1Name,Independent development of domestic shortage need to replace the imported special adhesive ability,Products are widely used in construction、Railway、The ship、Fire insulation、Train car manufacturing、Aluminum and other metal processing and other fields。
    The company now has aluminum honeycomb adhesive、One-component polyurethane adhesive、A two-component polyurethane adhesive、Rock wool glue、Touch the nail glue、Insulation board rubber、High strength epoxy resin glue、DaoZha adhesives、Embedded glue、Aluminum(Stone)Honeycomb panel glue、Phenolic foam、Plasterboard glue、Flame retardant adhesive、Glass fiber with viscose agent、The floor with glue、Glass fiber reinforced plastic glue、Paper honeycomb adhesive、Wood square wood glue、Glass wool glue、Polystyrene foam、Aluminum silicate glue、Perlite glass magnesium board with cementing agent、Fiber mat board glue、Refrigeration equipment、Gypsum board with adhesive、Superfine glass wool with adhesive、Ceramic wool glue、Calcium silicate board plastic and sheet metal adhesive、Lightweight construction materials adhesive,Fire prevention security doors adhesive、Perlite board adhesive、XPSExtruded board adhesive、Caigang sandwich board with glue、Wall insulation board adhesive、Integral hutch ark adhesive、PVCDecoration film put plastic plate、Polyurethane foam with glue、Stone material with glue……
    In recent years,Company cooperate with forces research institutes,Jointly developed and mass production of two-component pu structural adhesives,Professional for bonding aluminum honeycomb,By the national authoritative organization detect,The indicators and performance far beyond peers of similar products,And can replace the same type of all kinds of adhesive。
    The company will always insist on“惠施多方、The book five cars”The spirit of enterprise”,Go“In science and technology as the guide、Strives for the survival by the quality、Seek development by innovation”The road,Efforts to expand“Five cars”The influence of the adhesive,And in the most perfect after-sale service to sincerely cooperate with friends from all walks of life to carry out extensive,Create a better future together! 

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