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 Your anti-static moisture-proof protection cooperation partner
     In the parkson packagingPARKSON,We always use beyond now eye examination of challenges and opportunities in the future,Looking for all possible,Provide innovative technical solutions and services for you。Provide you with packaging materials is based on this idea,Abandon the traditional constraints,Show the infinite possibility。
    From you now focus on the future,BecausePARKSONOnly one mission,Achievement you want,Let your potential to the best of show。
     Continuously meet customer demand,IsPARKSONThe focus of attention。At the same time to meet those needs,Also boostedPARKSONThe development of the packaging material application technology and innovation。In the innovation activities,We follow the following principles:Improving the quality of human work,Respect for the environment,Build what you call product packaging to protect the environment。
     Parkson believe packaging,Through continuous efforts,PARKSONWill become your products a full range of anti-static moisture-proof protection cooperation partner。

 Excellent quality of anti-static moisture-proof solution
     Zhangjiagang parkson packaging materials co., LTD is a company with independent intellectual property rights and the forefront of domestic anti-static moistureproof processing technology and production equipment manufacturers。Efforts to market and provide comprehensive、High-quality anti-static shielding bag,Anti-static moisture-proof bag,Antistatic vacuum bag,Conductive bag and the conductive grid bag,And widely usedPEAnti-static bag,Anti-static bubble bags and antistatic composite bubble bags。Aimed at the special requirements of customers,Successively developed pearl cotton compound bag and all kinds of insulation materials。In the electronic packaging industry,Company is currently the Chinese market the most competitive one of high-quality anti-static moisture-proof packaging products supplier。  
      The company has on behalf of the international high-end level of fully automatic high-speed compound machine and automatic bag making machine production line,And the advanced printing industry、Cutting、Vacuum、Folding equipment。To improve product quality,Configure the electronic packaging industry one of the few thousand grade clean room。At the same time using with the world industry level zero distance of the manufacturing process,Raw materials through the international and domestic reliable and stable supplier channels,Ensure the quality of product manufacturing,The omni-directional meets customer requirements。Mass customization of flexible production methods have greatly improved the production efficiency and quick delivery。 


    Parkson packaging will always pursue innovation and excellent quality,With its powerful design development ability and deep understanding of customer needs,All-round customer-focused service concept,The environmental protection requirements for their products be demanding,To promote the product quality exceed customer expectation values。
    The company has a strong professional technical team and advanced production technology,To provide customers with all kinds of anti-static moisture-proof packaging products。Product scope of application and technical solutions has been all over:Electronic components,Integrated circuit board,Precision parts,PCPlate,Network communication,Photographic equipment,ICThe sealed bag,Instruments and meters,Chemical raw materials,Biological intermediates, etc。
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