Company's main:Heavy cardLEDThe tail lamp、LEDElectronic tail light lamp、Trailer tail lights,LEDWarning lights, etc。
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Danyang of vehicle accessories factory

  Danyang da mai vehicle accessories factory is located in the beautiful scenery of the jiangnan city danyang,Lamps and lanterns city of east China is famous for its national——JiePai town,Is engaged in the carLEDLamps and lanterns、Plastic decoration、Development and production of specialized enterprises,The main products are:Heavy truck lamp、LEDThe tail lamp、Trailer tail lights、LEDElectronic tail lamp,LEDThe truck lamp,LEDWarning lights, etc。The factory geographical position is superior,The traffic、Communication,122Wear and the habitat,Close to the Yangtze river golden waterway,In the south beijing-shanghai railway,Shanghai-nanjing expressway and312National highway,From Shanghai2Hour mileage,The city of nanjing1Hour mileage,Changzhou civil aviation airport20Minutes of mileage,Waterway transportation is very convenient,Customers both at home and abroad are often involved。

  Factory since its inception,Adhere to“The good faith、Industry and thrift、Innovation、Breakthrough”In the spirit,To win the majority of users trust and support。Factory to guide management for the idea,Advocating people-oriented,Insist on capital operation,Market orientation,Scientific management,Promote technology pioneer,Strives for realism the innovation spirit,The high grade for production,High quality products to lay a solid foundation,The enterprise has always been a leading position in the industry。Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit,The good faith、Honesty is our service commitment。

  We would like to work with friends from all walks of life to grow together,Work together,To create a better future together!

      Danyang Damai Auto Parts  Factory is located in the scenic southern city of Danyang City, East China"s famous lamps -- licensing industry town, is a company engaged in automotive LED lamps, decorative plastic pieces of research, development and production of specialized enterprises. Factory location, transportation, communication developed,122 provincial highway passing through, close to the Yangtze golden waterway, South Beijing-Shanghai railway, the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway and 312 National Road, from the Shanghai City 2 hours mileage, Nanjing City 1 hours mileage, Changzhou civil aviation airport 20 minutes length, waterway transportation is very convenient, is Chinese and foreign investors often involving land.

      Factory since its inception, adhere to the" integrity, diligence, innovation, breakthrough" in the spirit, won the majority of users of the trust and support. Factory oriented management concept, advocating people-oriented, adhere to capital management, market-oriented, scientific management, develop a technology first, realistic and innovative spirit, for the production of high-grade, high quality products and lay a solid foundation, so that enterprises in the same industry has always been at the leading position. Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit, integrity, compliance is our commitment to service.

   We are willing to work with friends from all walks of life stand together through storm and stress, unite in a concerted effort, together to create a better future!

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Danyang of vehicle accessories factory
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